Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase photos?

Browse by year to see galleries of specific games or the groups and individual photographs. When a specific gallery is clicked you are taken from this site into my sales site - - where the thumbnail gallery is loaded. Once in the sales site you can navigate within it or return to this site to look into more galleries.

The preview images seem look to dark or to light?

The thumbnails and preview images can sometimes look to dark or light. Because of the amount of photos I shoot at each game I don't have time to touch them all up before I load them into my web site. If you purchase an image, though, it will be throughly corrected to look as good as possible before it is printed. So in most cases the final print will look much better then what you see on the screen.

I don't see any photos of me in your galleries.

I do my best to photography every individual in the band but, as you can image, that can be very difficult. The design of the drill and duration of the show often limit the amount of individuals that I can photograph. For this reason I shoot from different locations during each game. During one game I may shoot on the front sideline and the next I may shoot from the end zones to try to get as many people and sections as I can.

I would like to request you take a certain photo

If you don't see your section represented very well or if you specifically want a photo of yourself or a friend marching feel free to send me an email and we can talk about the best way to capture the image you want.

Is it safe to use my credit card on

Yes! All information (including the credit card transaction) is encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) before it is sent over the internet. Smugmug's Secured Server can only read this information and data so it will not be sold to any third party groups.

Can I order directly from you and pay with a check?

If you have access to both a major credit card and a computer I would very much prefer that you use the online payment option. If you do not have access to a computer or credit card then it is still possible to order photos from me directly but the delivery time will be increased and I would have to charge an extra shipping and handling fee that would be estimated at the time of your order.

If you have any questions that are not addressed here, email me at


The price list appears once photos are added to your cart. You can then select what size, item and quantity you would like.

Item Price
8 wallets $14.99
4x6 Print $8.99
5x7 Print $14.99
8x10 Print $19.99
11x14 Print $29.99
16x20 Print $44.99
20x30 Print $54.99
Item Price
15 oz. Picture Mug $29.99
11 oz. Picture Mug $27.99
Mouse Pad $19.99
Key Tag $14.99
Refrigerator Magnet (sm) $12.99
Refrigerator Magnet (lg) $14.99
Photo Button $14.99
20 4x8 Greeting Cards $29.99
50 4x8 Greeting Cards
100 4x8 Greeting Cards
1 5x7 Greeting Card $11.99
10 5x7 Greeting Cards $39.99
Photo Stickers (20) $14.99
4X6 postcard $7.99
photo puzzle $49.99
coasters $34.99
tote bag $49.99
playing cards $39.99